“... Moss’s amber mane was flying. The tips of his fleece shimmered greenish in the rays of the early sun, reminding me of the plushy covers on the boulders and rocks peeking out of the ground everywhere, as soft as my new friend’s fringes.
We walk together every day, or rather, I run, and he rides. Moss has lived here all his life, and he has made up his mind to show me his city ...”


“... I opened the balcony door, and there, in a glass jar on a low footstool pushed against the wooden railing, sat a Ping-Pong ball sized hummingbird, whistling the Presto of Mozart’s piano sonata no. 2 in F Major. Although his head looked flushed, his fluting sounded effortless. The cheerful tones ascended into the morning sky like a bunch of balloons ...”

Sweet Pea


“... Before we left, Sweet Pea let me shoot some close-ups of her on a backdrop of white and rose-coloured rhododendron blossoms. I uploaded the pictures on my notebook: they look spectacular. Pea’s slim green and creamy-white body gleams in the sun, and the red spots on her throat feathers sparkle as if she is wearing a string of rubies around her neck ....”


 “... I took my opera glasses and searched the rocks

in the water. On a pad of bright green surf grass, revealed by the out-going tide, lolled Gonzales. His sleek, wet body glistened in the sun, but his small brown-grey otter face scowled. A pair of busy oystercatchers that inspected the rock crevices close to him with their long, red beaks had obviously fallen out of favour ...”

The Peacock Prince

“... Seeing him for the first time, you wonder if his dress was washed too hot and the colours have bled out. Then you marvel at the delicacy of his feather structure, a snowflake under a magnifying glass. But, of course, I had seen him several times before. He is a major attraction in the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, among other fowl, goats and their kids, miniature horses and donkeys ...”