The View from Beacon Hill

“... I parked Moss next to the green bench and fastened the brake controller. The cold metal seat chilled the back of my legs as I sat down. Something rustled behind the pines to the left. Antlers poking forward, a large deer emerged. “Good morning, Horace,” Moss said.

“Moss, my friend,” replied the buck, “isn’t it a glorious one?” He continued his stroll through the meadow that glowed deep purple in the sunshine ...”

The Beach at Dallas Road

“... I prefer to roam the beach stretching out on the right of Clover Point and collect sea glass. Moss and I walk close to the water and scan the wet pebbles for the colourful nuggets. Moss told me some people call them Mermaid’s Tears. I know they are only smoothened shards of bottles and other glass containers, but I love the weathered look, produced by their journey through the depths of the ocean ...”

The Boatshouse at Clover Point

“... We aimed straight for the boathouse. As always, a row of seagulls stood guard on the ridge of its moss-covered roof. From there you can see the big container ships driving overland, when they come around the bend from Vancouver. Of course, they do not really go over land, but the big and small islands poking out of the water in the East generate the illusion of solid ground ...”

The Bandstand in Beacon Hill Park

“... I stopped by the last row of green benches at the bandshell and looked up into the tall trees where a camp of crows loudly protested, unexpectedly supported by a bunch of screeching seagulls. After a short search, my opera glasses discovered an adult eagle sitting close to a cluster of heron nests. A few of the crows took off and flung themselves into the thicket of branches, trying hard to hit the eagle with their wings ...”

The World's Tallest Totem Pole

“ ... when we reached the world’s largest totem pole, Arrow got into a serious frenzy. He stared at it and buzzed with his little wings so vehemently that I feared the glass might burst. I took the jar and screwed off the lid. “Are you OK?” I asked.
“Look,” he exclaimed, “look at the bill!” He shot towards the pole and sat down on the long beak coming out of one of the faces on the bottom part ...”

The Secret Chamber in Beacon Hill Park

“... We were to meet Kale in the dark secluded area, left to the bandstand, behind the big hedge, where large, brown tree trunks rise up like columns, carrying a thick evergreen roof.

The protruding roots and branches of the red cedars that poke in and out of the ground give the area a furnished look, and dried needles make for a soft carpet ...”

The Homecoming

“... The sculpture is dedicated to the Canadian Navy and titled The Homecoming. I took a photo and later, when I uploaded it on my laptop, I noticed that it appeared, from the angle I had looked at the piece, as if the dog next to the girl had only three legs ...”