How to feed hummingbirds:


Mix one part sugar, four parts water.

Bring to a boil, but not too long — sugar water ratio must not change. Allow to cool down. (In cold winters change to one part sugar, three parts water; this lowers the freezing temperature of the nectar.)

Use real cane sugar only!

No honey or artificial sweetener. Don’t use red dye or food colouring!

Keep the feeder clean.

Change the nectar frequently to avoid mold and bacteria growth. At 20 degrees, change every six days; over 30 degrees, change daily. If nectar turns milky, replace it.

Get a feeder with ant guard. Prevent leaking and splashing of nectar — it attracts bees.

For hand-feeding get a button feeder with a lid.

Never use an open container or pour liquid onto your palm. Contact with sugar water causes the hummingbird feathers to stick together or to fall out. This severely affects the hummers’ ability to stay warm and dry, and even to fly, and leads to serious harm.

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