"In 'Trina Bell's Humming Summer', author Silke Stein takes young Trina's attempt to reconnect with her absentee father and turns it into an adventure. Not the one she wanted in the Canadian rainforest, but one that lands her in the middle of a mystery on Vancouver Island. Stein's ability to create a beautiful tapestry of words pulls readers into the fascinating world of Trina's imagination. With sidekick Moss along for her exploits, Trina takes on the disappearance of the island's hummingbird population.

Stein writes with the skill of an artisan and brings the city to life in a way that will have you feeling you've been for a visit. You won't be able to walk away from this collection of characters until the end's twist reveals itself and Trina finally finds the thing she wants most in life."

Staci Cranor, Editor and Author, Huntsville, USA


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