'Foam on the crest of Waves' Review chain

At the end of September, three copies of Foam on the Crest of Waves embarked on a journey. One started in Lafayette, California (the Pacific copy), one in Depew, New York (the Great Lakes copy), and one in Pasadena, Maryland (the Atlantic copy). They will pass from reader to reader, and hopefully garner fans and reviews. If you are interested to take part in the review chain, please send me a message through my contact form.


What could be better at 6 o'clock on a Monday morning than to open your email account and discover that you won an award for your book cover? To find out it was chosen by 'cover guru' James Egan of Bookfly Designs (whose work you have secretly admired for a long time). Yeah!!!

This is what he said about Trina Bell's Humming Summer's cover: "A winner on every level. Takes a simple concept and delivers with close attention to color, composition, balance, and type. Expertly hits genre notes without cheap tricks and looks great at thumbnail and full size. The author has put her graphic design skills to good use."


Now please excuse me while I hum :)