I'm a graphic designer but like to write in my spare time. Trina Bell’s Humming Summer is my first novel. I love Victoria, British Columbia, the wondrous place that has inspired my story. Like my protagonist, Trina, I enjoy roaming the city's parks and combing its shores.



Victoria is a city with plenty of wildlife. And it's impossible to walk down a street without hearing the squeal of a hummingbird. My ability to spot them, wherever they hide, has earned me the nickname Hummingbird Whisperer :)


People close to me might also tell you I'm addicted to sea glass, and that we will have to move to a bigger house soon if I don't stop collecting pay no attention to them.  How can anyone resist free jewels lying around on the beach?



So it's hardly surprising that the story I am working on right now is taking place in a small fishing village with a magical beach full of beautiful, sparkling mermaids' tears.